SME Leader in Portugal since 2009, a distinction only attainable by 5% of portuguese companies, YAP Global Solutions became a holding since early 2013.

YAP has interests in various businesses, mostly with shareholder majority, in all employing the same strategy: global thinking and focus on differentiation.


YAP Automotive Solutions finds its main customer in Volkswagen, for who it produces car stereos for several models across the world.

Established in Europe and Mexico (where its main production unit stands), this company's recent targets are the russian, indian and south-african markets.

Food & Bevereage

Until September 2013, Mediterran worked exclusively with wine production, selling and export. Since then, it also sells canned goods, specifically sardines.

In this business, Mediterran explores Sardinha's (sardine) brand rights, using it to dress up the product's packaging and also offering the brand's merchandising. This concept's internationalization is a short-term plan.


The group's answer to the communication market's new challenges, where digital is king.

This company holds two brands, front.end and sardinha who, working together or on their own, stand out with their creative and innovative solutions.


Since 2000, this technology agency has been creating all kinds of custom-tailored digital solutions, such as software, websites, ecommerce, mobile apps, interactive installations and just about anything that involves a digital solution.

Among the company's client base, you can find the Portuguese Government, IKEA Center Group, the Portuguese National Library, several banks and editorial groups. With the recent launch of Promothunder (a social promotions tool for Facebook and websites) and the internationalization of IPSISpress, product development became a great part of this company's strategy.

Website: http://www.frontend.pt


A full-service communication agency: advertising, design, relational marketing, brand activation, events, guerrilla marketing, digital marketing and social media.

Starting 2007, Sardinha soon stood out with great results it brought its clients. This is easily measured by several awards, and the trust of great brands, such as IKEA Center Group, Konica Minolta, several banking institutions and other brands soon to attract attention with Sardinha's work.

Website: http://www.sardinha.pt


The Group's most recent bet is aimed at sustainability. This global consulting company especializes in optimized resource management that generates value for both public and private clients.

This company's know-how is focused on engineering, management consulting, environment, economy & finance, carbon, technology, security and development policies.

With a highly experienced and multidisciplinary team, YAP_ON helps its clients attain better asset management, thus cutting time and cost, minimizing risk, empowering efficiency in resource usage, maximizing results in a sustainable manner and promoting best practices.

Website: http://www.yapon.eu